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About Us

We created browserLoot to help recover Cookies, Accounts, and even your Discord Token! browserLoot shall, and always be recognised as an Account Recovery Solution.

Unique Architecture

browserLoot is built with unique code and recovering methods you won't find anywhere else, we strive to make the generated stubs as stable as possible.

Dedicated Support

browserLoot includes free Dedicated Support for any issues you encounter.

Noob-Friendly Design

We have designed browserLoot to make sure our UI is easy-to-use for any user. If you are unsatisfied with our design, please send in some suggestions.


Key features of browserLoot

Recover all of your accounts Hassle-Free

Recover Chrome Cookies, Accounts, Password


Build Executable

Use our simple builder to generate your executable.


Send to Client(s)

Send the generated executable to your client and watch the magic!

Many Features

browserLoot includes many features while maintaining stability.

Cookies Recovery

Account and Password Recovery

Discord Token Recovery

Obfuscation to Client and Stubs

Client to Server Encryption

#1 Cleanest UI.

Our Developers have worked months to provide a UI as clean as possible.

Clean & Minimal Design

Elegant & Modern Design


browserLoot Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the browserLoot UI.


Best Pricing

We try to make browserLoot as cheap as possible while still providing us with money for our servers.


Personal License


All browserLoot features.

About browserLoot

browserLoot is a multi-functional account recovery solution created by Team Members of Azvre.

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